About the use and principle of oral swab

About this product introduction

● Using patented nylon flocking technology, sample absorption is faster

● The novel fold point design allows the swab to break easily and enter the tube, making it easier to operate

● Maximum sample elution and transfer, especially for collection of trace DNA samples

● Special treatment by antibacterial agent to prevent microbial contamination

● GMP standard production, closed packaging, aseptic, enzyme-free, and inhibitor-free to ensure reliable results

● The sample is no longer required to be dried. Due to the strong antibacterial effect, the sample can be transferred directly to the tube without drying, and can withstand more humid conditions

● Designed according to the principles of anatomy and ergonomics, it is more effective to collect trace DNA on the surface of objects of different shapes

l ScitheraR swab features

1. Super convenient: patented integrated design, easier to operate.

2. Superior flexibility: The patented water sample collector and cotton swab design can collect different amounts of water samples, which improves the detection range and flexibility of the swab.

3. Excellent accuracy and repeatability: The reagent adopts patented thermostable enzyme, with higher sensitivity and better storage stability! 2-8 ℃ storage conditions can ensure stability within 15 months. It can be stored for 40 days at room temperature (20-25 ℃).

4. Widest compatibility: It is compatible with most fluorescence detectors (such as Hygiena plus / Ensure, 3M CleanTrace, etc.) on the market, and it can provide test rods that can replace imported brands without adjusting the existing limits.



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